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  We got some ink!
Drag Racer Magazine, May 2013 issue, Pg 38 - The fat guy in the black shirt and white shoes not deserve to be in Drag Racer
Magazine. The fact that he's pictured next to the Don Garlits, the man who owns the 1942 Ford coupe a horrendous oversight
of the photographer, editor and publisher of this magazine. The rest of the Swamp Kings who are with me placing the newly panted
body on it's frame are qualified, most of them have actual competitive drag racing experience.
  In the January 2013 Hemming's Muscle Machines All Modified Annual... Available at Barnes & Noble... Pretty dang cool...
  When I was a kid...
I used to build model of cars that I wanted a REAL version of someday... Well now you have built the
real version and you want to go backwards... Let me make your car into box art! Email me
  Just throwing this out there...
I started fooling around with some pictures I took at car shows, turning them into illustrations... no these aren't just filters applied in Photoshop, the picture was just a guideline. Then I changing colors, wheels, adding new backgrounds in layers... Well I printed out a few and stuck them in 8.5"x11" frames for myself, and they look pretty good... If you want one or the whole set... Email me
  3 New Sticker Designs!
I've been busier than a one legged cat in a sandbox coming up with new designs for your toolbox,
shop fridge, your daily driver or even to deface your hot rod... Check them out!
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  PLUS! The only place you can get Swamp Kings support stickers!
  This is my '46 Ford...
there has been a little Photoshopped body and paint done here and there, but nothing
more than smoothing out a few lumps and rough spots in the rattle can navy blue.
It was built to look like a high school kids hot rod, circa 1964, not a show car.
  Here is the build log...

Some of the captions may be a bit inside, I used this page to communicate issues and progress
I had with my fellow Swamp Kings, I've yet to build a new page with captions for the general public...

I've been too busy driving the crap out of the car Thanks again guys!!
You may know me at 4t64rd on the HAMB
I am a member of the Swamp Kings
We are the host club for Billetproof Florida,
held on the ground of the Garlits Museum of Drag Racing.
  Updated 12/27/12